Our Services

Cannabis Credit Card Processing Today offers different payment solutions to cannabis businesses to fit their customers' needs.

You will be able to track your business’ increase in sales by having debit and credit card capability while you minimize human error. Your business will also experience rapid growth. Consumers will choose your business over others who offer only one payment option. With Cannabis Credit Card Processing Today, you can keep your clients satisfied and stay ahead of the competition.

Standard Option

Due to federal restrictions, most banks cannot manage payment for cannabis products with credit or debit cards. However, we follow your states banking regulations teaming up with State banks that understand your business and compliantly process debit and credit card transactions.

With Cannabis Credit Card Processing Today, you won’t need to purchase or install new equipment. You can use smart devices already in your store to process payments.

Our in-store standard transaction will happen as followed:

● Scan your customer’s license or enter their phone number into the system.

● An OTP (one-time password) will be sent to the customer's registered phone number to ensure compliance.

● Enter tip amount.

● Verify the zip code and CVV (card verification value) to prevent fraud.

● Scan your customer’s card showing the card number.

● Check if the name on the card matches the name on the license.

● Finally, your client will receive an SMS with the purchase receipt.

Delivery Contactless Transaction

This is a prepaid option for delivery and in-store pickup. It does not require app downloads, and customers can use their phones to process the transaction via SMS.

This option is also safer for delivery because they will not carry large amounts of money on them, reducing the risk of theft.

The process is as follows:

● Your customer will receive an SMS with a payment request and a link to process their payment.

● Customers will then pay using their phones.

● Once their payment has been accepted, they will get another SMS with a link to view their receipt.

● They will immediately receive a payment notification.


Once you implement our cannabis payment processing options, you have access to track all the transactions made on your profile. You can see your balance, dates, transaction numbers, fees, tips, and all the information about every transaction. This will offer you an easy and more organized way to view your business’ performance. You can also manage multiple locations at the same time.

Cannabis Credit Card Processing Today provides a convenient solution for retailers and consumers.